Rev. Dr. Barbara Stewart

Rev. Dr. Barbara Stewart Ph.D., RCC, MCTT, CMC, CMTC is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Certified Grief Educator, Master Christian Transformational Therapist, and Certified Master Transformational Coach.

Her Excellency Dr. Barbara Stewart was born in Jamaica and migrated to Canada over 30 years ago. She presently resides in Toronto Canada and is the proud mother of two wonderful children. H.E. presently serves as a Humanitarian Peace Ambassador under the United Nations. She is a Registered Clinical Counselor and a Certified Master Transformational Life Coach Trainer with the Ontario College for Development Training with a focus on ‘Grief and Loss and Women Empowerment Coaching. Dr. Stewart received her Doctorate Degree in Christian Counselling through Canadian Theological Seminary and her Ph.D. in Humanitarian/Mission Counselling through the University of California.

She serves in the body of Clergies as an ordained Pastor, an International Chaplin and a certified Marriage Counsellor and a registered Marriage Officer. Dr. Stewart has also served in other areas of ministries for more than 20 years. She is a Preacher and a teacher of the word of God. She exhibits the love of God everywhere she goes and is a true gift of humanity. H.E. Dr. Stewart has worked in the medical field as a Nurse for more than 25 years. She is the Founder/CEO of BNJ Holistic Counselling and Wellness Center Inc., Women of Virtue and Gift of Life Global Impact Foundation Inc., an NGO which is making a great difference in the lives of many, nationally and globally through Seniors and Youth programs, Cultural activities, education and the distribution of medical supplies.

Dr. Stewart is an active member of the Kingdom Leadership Empowerment Ministry (KLEM). She has also served as the Secretary-general for the African Union Sixth Region Canada for more than 10 years. She has been the Senior Administrative Director for Global African Magazine (GAMM). Dr. Stewart currently serves as a Board Director and an Advisor for the Women Helping Women to Help Themselves organization.

Her Excellency has been the recipient of Canada’s 100 Black Women to Watch, Glorious Women of Wonders Excellent Achievement Award in 2019 and in 2002, the Hon. Jean Augustine Scholarship Award.

H.E. Dr. Stewart serves in the community with great passion and enthusiasm. She is an extremely hard, honest worker and a woman of great humility and integrity. She exhibits an extraordinary level of compassion for people in general, especially those most vulnerable, children and the elderly. Her passion for children and youth drives her to go into schools and churches to speak with students, and youth in general, bringing awareness and motivating them to observe and respect the law; stay out of trouble and work hard to be strong resilient leaders with purpose. As a Community Leader, Dr. Stewart works alongside other Diplomats, Politicians and Religious Leaders in order to ensure that she serves both her community and the community at large without prejudice.

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