Queen Esther Ajiri

Connect with Queen Esther Ajiri RN; M.Ed., BScN., Major in Psych, B.CEngr., MHNE, ARSCYFE, ASISTCT, NCI-VICE, PDCSE, IPSE.

Queen is a Pastor and the Transformational Voice of Inspiration-Life Changing channel whose philosophy of counseling, teaching and training integrate care, compassion, empathy, communication, and love in building a safe therapeutic relationship. She is a Community and Mental Health Nurse with over ten years teaching and training experience as an Educator, Trainer and Lecturer. She has  background in Civil Engineering, Nursing, Addiction Recovery Support for Children Youth and Family,  Applied Suicide Intervention Strategy Training Certified Trainer,  Nonviolent Crisis and Verbal Intervention Certified Educator,  Professional Development and Communication Skills Educator, Interpersonal Relationship Skills Educator.

She is presently completing advance studies: Masters-Phd in Clinical/Counseling Psychology and Psychotherapy. She is passionate about solution focused brief therapy. She has experiences in the following: mental health, end of life, grief and loss, suicide-behavioral-life crisis intervention, career development, clinical placement supervision and coordination, life transitions imbalance and stress adaptation. She is passionate about children, adults and elderly within a spectrum of continuity that knits children, youth, women and family as a person first, individuals and team members dwelling in the community. Let’s connect if you find it difficult to make friends, experiences loneliness, heap-up emotions, imbalance family- life-Career dynamic, stages of life transitions across the life journey. For Queen, therapeutic empathetic listening is the soul of caring counselling.

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